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Nurture Your 'Inner Wild' with Foraged Edible and Medicinal Plants

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When I see young people moodily pulling leaves off a tree as they walk by, or tearing a flower to bits, what I see is an instinctual – though unconcious – act of herbal self-healing. Just as we clench our fists when angry (this is a hand-mudra, used in yoga to deal with anger) or bang our fists to our heads with frustration over a problem (in yoga, pressure on the forehead activates the frontal lobe, dealing with short-term memory and problem-solving), so tearing up leaves or flowers releases chemical components of the plant and surround the person with its healing energy. These are simply my thoughts and intuitions… how do YOU feel about this?


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Inspirations: Yoga Breathing to Change Your Life!

Vu Hortus Breathing Photo

6-Week Breathing to Change Your Life Program

Imagine a greenhouse full of living, breathing, gorgeous tropical plants. Now, imagine being there, quietly breathing… and feeling the energy pulse around and through you.

I’m offering a weekly Yoga Breathing (Pranayama) series in the tropical greenhouse of the VU Hortus Botanicus. It is a wonderful opportunity to find peace and tranquility in the city, and a chance to recharge every cell of your body with living oxygen and plant energy.

Pranayama will inspire, heal and change your life on unimaginable levels – from balancing your nervous system and purifying your organs, to deep relaxation of all parts of the body, energetic healing and an opening of the heart. So please join me on Wednesday mornings or Friday afternoons in the beautiful indoor gardens of the VU Hortus.

You’ll learn and practice breathing and yoga techniques that have been healing people for over thousands of years. And you’ll feel a profound change – for the better!

Jennie Akse-Kelly has lived for a year in India to develop her knowledge of yoga (including a 6-months residential yoga therapy training + 300 hrs teacher training), as well as studied yoga and meditation in Canada, USA, Thailand and Sri Lanka, and has extensive, international teaching experience. Testimonials from students available!

Located at the Vu Hortus, in the Tropical Greenhouse.

Address: Van der Boechorststraat 8, 1081 BT Amsterdam, Netherlands. There is a winkel-cafe and outdoor garden terrace where you can enjoy tea and snacks.

May 22 to June 26 (6 Wednesday-morning sessions)
90 euros

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Breathing with Wild Weed Wisdom


This morning was the first day of

Inspirations: Yoga Breathing to Change Your Life!”


I’ve been wanting offer this class since the moment I first stepped into the tropical greenhouse of the VU Hortus Botanicus, Amsterdam. We were surrounded by lush, green, healthy plants and we breathed in the jasmine-scented, energy-infused atmosphere. We practiced breathing with awareness and from the centre of our Being. It was simply joyful. Thanks to the participants for taking part of the first class of this 10-class series. There is still a chance to sign up for Friday’s afternoon class – it starts on March 1.

And thanks to the VU Hortus Botanicus for making this possible. Can’t wait until next week’s class!