Wild Weed Wisdom

Nurture Your 'Inner Wild' with Foraged Edible and Medicinal Plants

Class Guidelines

Preparing for Class

Classes are tailored to the needs of individual students. As a trained yoga therapist, Jennie can help with special concerns you may have, such as treatment for thyroid conditions, menstrual cramps, knee or back injuries, and so on.

Please observe the following guidelines when attending classes to ensure that you and the other participants have a pleasant and enriching experience.

Inform the instructor of any health problems or conditions, such as: high blood pressure, diabetes, pregnancy, recent surgery, back, neck or joint injuries. All information is confidential.

Make-up days are available for missed classes. Arrangements may be made with the instructor.

Yoga is meant to be practiced on an empty stomach. Please allow time to digest meals and liquids before class and refrain from eating or drinking immediately after class.

Female students have special considerations. Please inform Jennie if you are pregnant or have recently given birth. During menses, it is advisable to avoid certain practices like inverted postures and rapid breathing techniques. In this case, you may practice an alternative posture with which you are comfortable.

Wear comfortable and loose-fitting clothing.

Turn off mobile phones and pagers before entering class.

What to Bring

yoga mat

pullover, light blanket and ankle socks if you tend to get cold

pillows or supports, if required

please avoid strong-smelling personal products, such as perfume


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