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Nurture Your 'Inner Wild' with Foraged Edible and Medicinal Plants


Hi, I’m Jennie!


I am not a computer kind of person. I prefer to be outside, getting my boots and fingernails dirty, looking for inspirational plants, taking photographs, and teaching my kids what I know. My own teacher/mentor is actually never on the computer – he is always in a tent somewhere in the forest, or the swamps of the North Carolina coast. He only accepts phone calls and old-fashioned letters in the mail. However, I think I have a lot of information to share, so this is my blog. So if you don’t mind that I keep it heartfelt and simple, let me take you on my journey.

I’m a mom of two beautiful girls – that’s my first and most important job. I also love nature, dancing, yoga and babies. I love to see people smile. I love harmony and gentleness. My life’s passions rotate around the themes of nature, beauty, energy and healing. And I’ve been fortunate enough to be able to share these passions as my life-work.

I took a good look at my life about 15 years ago, and changed my course. I began with energy: I started taking Yoga lessons. I achieved my Reiki Level II Certificate and also became a Feng Shui Practitioner, and also worked alongside my Feng Shui guru, Malca Narrol, as her personal assistant for 3 years or so. But I was still hungry for more. I got a plane ticket to India to study Yoga for 3 months – I stayed a year. That was in 2003-4.

After teaching yoga in Toronto and Hamilton, Canada, my husband got work in North Carolina. I didn’t have a visa to work, so I immediately did something I’ve long wanted to do: I studied herbs, healing and wildcrafting, and I had the wonderful chance to do so with an authentic herbal healer; Will Endres. More on him in upcoming blogs. After studying with him for over 200 hours, I became his apprentice, and he, my mentor. We worked together like this for over a year, for innumerable hours. I started giving nature walks.

Motherwort (Leonurus cardiaca) at Fort Custer ...

Motherwort (Leonurus cardiaca) at Fort Custer Recreation Area in Augusta, MI. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I continue to give wild weed walks to introduce people to edible and medicinal plants that grow wild all around us; I offer workshops on how to ethically forage for – and prepare – wild food and wild herbal medicine. I am in awe of what grows wild in this city called Amsterdam; and what can be found all across Europe! I found cardiaca leonorus – Motherwort herb  growing in an side-ally in Utrecht; and fields thick with chickweed, in Belgium (not to mention just about every herb I’m crazy about – more on THAT soon, too).

There are many others who do herbal education, healing and wildcrafting in Amsterdam and all around. Over time, I’ll do my best to feature them. One of them is Lynn Shore. She has been kind enough to allow me to list my events on her Urban Herbology Meetup site when I couldn’t find the time to start a website. I hope we continue to work together in the future. CityPlot is another organization I’m wild about.

And I still also do yoga, feng shui, and healing work. With passion. More on that… soon.

Looks like I’ll have lots to write about 🙂



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