Wild Weed Wisdom

Nurture Your 'Inner Wild' with Foraged Edible and Medicinal Plants

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When I see young people moodily pulling leaves off a tree as they walk by, or tearing a flower to bits, what I see is an instinctual – though unconcious – act of herbal self-healing. Just as we clench our fists when angry (this is a hand-mudra, used in yoga to deal with anger) or bang our fists to our heads with frustration over a problem (in yoga, pressure on the forehead activates the frontal lobe, dealing with short-term memory and problem-solving), so tearing up leaves or flowers releases chemical components of the plant and surround the person with its healing energy. These are simply my thoughts and intuitions… how do YOU feel about this?



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taraxacum officianale

Dandelion is starting to awaken from it’s winter sleep – deep in the earth, the roots reach down… the white sap moistens, and the green, toothed, leaves nestle into a rosette, getting ready for the buds to push through. Spring is almost here!

Dandelion is one of my favorite wild flowers. It is lowly and humble, and yet full of sunny joy! Children adore it. It offers it’s whole being – from roots, to stem, to flower-bud, and flower-head – for sustaining us with food and medicine, and offers a deep, spring-cleanse with it’s tonic.

This flower reverberates with me, also because it has a determination to survive – and manifest. It’s roots regenerate when broken and pulled up. It’s seed-head sends out hundreds of parachutes… I feel it welcomes my harvest, with dandelion-joy.