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Day One: Info and Location for Wild in the City

Hi, Wild in the City Folks!

I'm the one on the right, talkin' herbs with Jennifer W.

I’m the one on the right, talkin’ herbs with Jennifer W.

This post is for the group of people who are already registered for Wild in the City – no last-minute join-ups, please!

The location for our first day of Wild in the City has been changed due to the somewhat winter-like weather conditions – I want us to have shelter in case of snow, hail or rain! Beatrix Park, alas, doesn’t have any – so the new location is Amsterdamse Bos. This is the biggest park in Holland, and should have some nice treasures to reveal to us!

Speaking of weather – please dress appropriately, and in layers. Extra socks and water-proof footwear is a must! Carry your other belongings in whatever kind of bag you wish, but it must allow your hands to remain free – backpack is ideal. So are lots of pockets!

I provide hot water so we can make tea from foraged herbs, and I’ll bring a few snacks, but please pack your lunch, and a bottle of water.

Location: Amsterdamse Bos – we’ll meet outside the Bosbaan restaurant, on the water-side. There is an outdoor wall of lockers – bring 1€ if you have something you’d like to leave at the locker rather than carry the whole way. This is also your chance to use the WC in the restaurant before we head out, and maybe grab a coffee-to-go.

Time: 10:00 to 16:00

My Contact Info: 06 33 739641 – call me if you will be late or cannot make it at the last minute.

What to Bring:
lunch and bottle of water
notebook dedicated to being your herbal scrapbook – big enough to draw a picture and tape samples into it, but not so heavy that it becomes a burden.
clear tape
gardening gloves, if you have them (I’ll have a few extra)
egg carton

a mug for tea

a few paper bags; not too big, not too small…
a plastic bag to use as a “seat” if we eat sitting on the ground. Put a piece of cardboard in it to help keep your butt warm.

Extra, if you wish:
magnifying glass or photo-loupe
swiss army knife

I hope you are all looking forward to this Sunday as much as I am! See you soon…


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