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Private and Semi-Private Yoga Instruction

Clarify your practice and experience yoga in a completely different manner, and reach new levels of awareness with private or semi-private yoga instruction.

Some people are uncomfortable in class situations and others are looking for ways to deepen their existing yoga practice. Many people have injuries or illnesses that make group yoga classes difficult. Some practitioners want advanced techniques that just aren’t offered in regular classes. And often it’s simply a busy schedule that gets in the way of regular yoga practice.

We tailor one-on-one sessions to meet your requirements, and open the way for your personal development. Private classes are for beginners, advanced practitioners and anyone in between…

Advanced students may wish to move more deeply into their practice through purifying techniques (kiyas), advanced breathing, energy-freeing techniques and ‘energy locks’ (bandhas), Sanskrit chants and scriptures, or with further exploration of the asanas.

  • Personalized, individual or semi-private classes are designed to fit your focus and your schedule
  • Hands-on assists and guidance through the techniques, with sensitivity to your personal space and comfort level
  • Guidance in postural alignment and mental focus
  • Pre- & Postnatal yoga at your home or our studio
  • Partner yoga
  • Restorative yoga for special needs infants and children
  • Depending on your busy schedule, sessions may be for 45 minutes, 1 hour or 1.5 hours.



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