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Breathing with Plants at the VU Hortus

Breathing with Plants at the VU Hortus

Inspirations: Yoga Breathing to Change Your Life

Wednesdays and/or Fridays – 10 weeks

 Imagine a greenhouse full of living, breathing, gorgeous tropical plants.
  • Now, imagine being there, quietly breathing… and feeling the energy pulse around and through you.

    I’m offering two weekly yoga breathing series in the tropical greenhouse of the VU Hortus Botanicus. It is a wonderful opportunity to find peace and tranquility in the city, and a chance to recharge every cell of your body with living oxygen and plant energy.

    Yoga Breathing (Pranayama) will inspire, heal and change your life on unimaginable levels – so please join me on Wednesday mornings or Friday afternoons in the beautiful indoor gardens of the VU Hortus.

    You’ll learn and practice breathing and yoga techniques that have been healing people for over thousands of years. And you’ll feel a profound change – for the better!

    Jennie Akse-Kelly has studied yoga in India (6-months residential yoga therapy training + 300 hrs teacher training), as well as in Canada, USA, Thailand and Sri Lanka, and has extensive teaching experience. Testimonials from students available!

    Located at the Vu Hortus, in the Tropical Greenhouse.

    Address: Van der Boechorststraat 8, 1081 BT Amsterdam, Netherlands. There is a winkel-cafe and outdoor garden terrace where you can enjoy tea and snacks.

    Wednesday Mornings:
    February 27 – April 24, plus May 16
    120 euros for 10-week session*

    Friday Afternoons:
    March 1 – April 26, plus May 18
    120 euros for 10-week session*

    Contact me for details or to register:

    *A 10-week session is arranged to allow a step-by-step learning framework
    *120 euros to be prepaid by bank deposit. Banking details to follow registration.
    *If unable to pay 120 in advance, talk to me about payment options


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