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Prenatal Yoga

The practice of yoga provides a safe and supportive experience where you can connect deeply with the life you are carrying, as well as your own body in transformation.

The deep breathing techniques and gentle yoga postures can be continued after the baby arrives to help you, as a new mother, feel rested, confident, connected, and restored.

Classes cover:

Yoga postures, deep breathing and relaxation techniques to support you through pregnancy, birthing and recovery;

Techniques to reduce lower back pain, prevent swollen ankles and varicose veins and other pregnancy-related discomforts;

Deep relaxation and time to yourself to mentally and emotionally prepare for birthing;

Visualization to go within for support;

Tips on how to get a deeper, more satisfying sleep;

Reducing the toxic load in your body and your home: for you and baby;

Information on safe, natural herbs which can support you throughout pregnancy, birthing and beyond.

You may begin anytime from the 12th week of pregnancy and may continue up to 38 weeks. Registration is for 10 sessions at a time. Presently I am offering private lessons, with small group lessons beginning in October, 2013

Classes are taught in English.

yoga family

yoga family


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