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Nurture Your 'Inner Wild' with Foraged Edible and Medicinal Plants

Kid’s Stuff

Children need to be in nature – it helps develop their empathy for all living beings, and helps them grow into environmentally sensitive adults. Not to mention that they are simply in their element when playing and interacting in the natural world. Pure Joy.Tree_Class-Elm_2011.JPG.scaled1000

I offer integrated school programs; after-school events and courses; children’s workshops; and party events.

Meet the Trees – School Field-Trip Program or Organized Group

This is a school program I did with the Amsterdam International Community School. We met in the park and went from tree-to-tree, discovering which one was likely the one Robin Hood hid in – and how he made his outfit so green (Alder Tree and Leaves), the home of Zeus, God of Lightening and Thunder (Oak Tree), and why this tree is so important; we played with Weeping Willow branches, exploring how pliable they are, and what they can be used for – we tied them into knots; we discovered the ancient tree who’s ancestors lived with the dinosaurs… and so much more!


Kids' Harvest - Belgium

Wild Weed Kids – Outdoor Adventures at the VU Hortus!

This is a wonderful, interactive, after-school program on Wednesdays. Click here for more info.

School Programs – Tailored to Themes and Seasons of Your Choice

Please contact me for details.


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