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Wild in the City – Day Two – Information for Participants


We’ll meet at the Kersenbloesempark, in  Amsterdamse Bos. It is just south of the A9.

Please PRINT OUT a google map – and make sure you have one that will clearly show the foot- and bike-paths. Please also get an estimate of the time it will take for you to get there from your place – about another 10-15 minutes by bike from where we last met.

The Kersenbloesempark is shaped in a circle – you reach it by going over a metal bridge/walkway. You can park your bike (well-locked) on main path before the bridge to the cherry trees.

There is parking on the North side of the A9 for sure, but I recall seeing cars parked along the parallel side road; Burgermeester A. Colijnweg. Don’t take my word that you can park there – but worth checking out to save you a few footsteps.

Please have your presentation ready. It should be about 10 minutes long – no longer than 15 minutes. If you happen to find a sample of your subject-plant, please bring it! Perhaps, still potted, that way, we can re-plant it in a special spot afterwards. By the way, are your quince seeds planted? If not, we will discuss how to plant… or if someone has done the homework already, you can add it to your presentation. Let me know if you want to talk about it.

For those with blogs, I will interview each of you separately to see how you are getting along with it.

And, the VU Hortus is having an Open House next weekend and I could use volunteers for that. If you are interested, please reserve some hours on the Saturday and or Sunday. I’ll talk about when I see you all on Sunday.

Your L-rods (if the thought of dowsing doesn’t interest you, you don’t need to make a set)
Your presentation, perhaps with a sample plant
Your lunch (sharing is nice, like last time). Also, snacks to eat along the way if you like.
Your own thermos of hot water to make tea
Rain gear (if there is a chance of rain, may as well stay dry)
Your Herb Scrapbook, pencil, tape, scissors,
Swiss-Army knife, if you have one
Guide Book
Dress in layers, in case of cold! Sunscreen, etc.
Anything else interesting you’d like to share.

See you at 10am sharp!


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