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Japanese Quince Blossom

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Japanese Quince Blossom

Right now is the time to spot your local Japanese Quince! Besides being utterly gorgeous, this little bush bears small, edible yellow fruit that are scented like rose and peach combined. The fruit are even more sour than the regular (Turkish) Quince, but with enough sugar, they make a divine (and pretty) jelly or jam. I’ll post that recipe in Autumn, when the fruit are ripe.
Often Japanese Quince mischievously self-seeds in beds of other shrubbery, so can be found in unexpected places – and though it likes some sun, it can tolerate full shade. If you can find some now, mark it in your mind, and come back to visit to watch how the bees love it, and how the little fruit-balls grow snug against the branch. Like the rose, these branches are thorny (see photo) so do take care.



Wild in the City Day One!



Gardening Back the Biosphere – click here for details!


“Suprabha Seshan is an ecosystems gardener at the Gurukula Botanical Sanctuary, a forest garden in the Western Ghat mountains of Kerala, India, dedicated to the preservation of plant species, restoration ecology and environmental education…”

I’ll be going to this inspirational talk about what one person can do – has done! –  to help heal our Mother Earth.

If you ever feel like what you do on your own is insignificant or not enough – please click and find out more!

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Embrace Your Weeds

Shaggy Soldier

Embrace Your Weeds is all about loving those edible, medicinal, and otherwise useful weeds in your garden!

This afternoon was spent in the delightful company of Suzanne, of CityPlot, and Cathy, who is a Contributer and Host of English Breakfast Radio, Amsterdam.

Cathy will be a different kind of host soon – she’s offered her small backyard garden as the starting point for our upcoming workshop, in conjunction with CityPlot, called, “Embrace Your Weeds.” We’ll be looking at some typical weeds found in backyards across most of urban Europe – edible ones, such as chickweed, wild mustard, and shaggy soldier (see photo) as well as medicinal weeds such as ground ivy and cleavers… and many more. In fact, when you realize that are so many great weeds growing, you might find you see your garden in a totally different light!

Suzanne will talk about which weeds can repel unwanted pests; and which support beneficial insects; weeds that nourish the soil, or can be made into a natural insect-repellant. It’s going to be a fascinating afternoon of exploring, tasting and talking about our wonderful weeds.

You can sign up  through CityPlot – just scroll through their awesome website for a myriad of workshops that will leave you drooling; payment details are toward the bottom of their homepage; or you can simply contact me. Details below:

Embrace Your Weeds

Many of those “weeds” that spring up in your garden may have unique culinary and medicinal properties, and may play other useful roles in your specific ecosystem. We will visit Amsterdam gardens and get to know some of the most common and lovable weeds in person! Together with Ann and Suzanne from CityPlot, Jennie from Wild Weed Wisdom, and Lynn from Urban Herbology we will visit Amsterdam gardens and get to know some of the most common and lovable weeds in person!
Sunday 21 April, 14:00-16:00: Location: Cathy’s home; close to Vondelpark, by the Overtoom.
Sunday 2 June, 15:00-17:00: See CityPlot or Urban Herbology for location details.

Fee: 25 euros