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Violets and Celandine


Violets and Celandine

Sometimes I don’t have my paper bags with me for harvesting, so I just use whatever is available. Today it was my daughter’s lunch box. I picked Greater Celendine, which I made into an herbal tincture, and about 10 violets. We have company staying with us, so nothing nicer than to introduce them to food-foraging with a dessert of wild violets on ice cream!
You can get a really good look at the leaf of the Greater Celandine – front, and back-side, which you can see is quite a bit lighter in colour.


Author: It's a Wild Thing

Nature-crazy forager sharing a love of wild medicinal & edible plants & a passion for all wild things. Events & classes on sustainable foraging, bringing the wild into your life & nature therapy: itsawildthing.com

3 thoughts on “Violets and Celandine

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  2. Hi Jennie, I’m brand new at this and grow many kinds of violets, what is the botanical name of the violets you forage for and how do you serve and/or preserve them?

    • Hi there! Well, there are a few wild violets that you might find – the ones I’ve come across are the common dog violet (Viola riviniana) and “johnny-jump-up” (Viola tricolor). All true violets (not african violets!) are edible – the leaves and flowers. I usually just nibble on them… I keep it simple! But I do love to put them in ice cubes, on ice cream (I don’t eat much cold food – this is for company, mostly) and in salads… sometimes there is a bitter ending to the taste so it is nice to make sugared violets if you have a good supply – sounds like you do! Sugared violets last a very long time – otherwise, dry them on a screen or in a woven basket, spread thinly and out of the sun, in a cool, dry place. Enjoy! Let me know how it goes!

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