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Coltsfoot in Flower

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Coltsfoot in Flower

Today was a warm and sunny day and everywhere the little Coltfoot faces looked up to shine back.

And, what a good year for Coltsfoot! I’ve never seen them so profuse as this year…

The herbalist Maria Treben has suggested making a cold-infusion with Coltsfoot flowers for use against coughs and sore throats. Only pick a few flower-heads at a time, from unsullied locations, and not all from one spot… I take just one flower from each bunch I see, and usually not more than 5-7 flowers in a day.

Coltsfoot Infusion/Tea:  Let the fresh-or-dried flowers soak overnight in a pot of cold water. A small handful (7 flowers or so) should be enough. Next morning, heat the water until it is just past lukewarm, never to boiling. Pour into a thermos to sip throughout the day… honey optional.



Author: It's a Wild Thing

Nature-crazy forager sharing a love of wild medicinal & edible plants & a passion for all wild things. Events & classes on sustainable foraging, bringing the wild into your life & nature therapy: itsawildthing.com

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