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Herbal Sleep and Dream Pillows

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Herbal Sleep and Dream Pillows

By using certain blends of herbs and flowers, kids can easily make their own customized dream pillow, which, in theory, enhances sleep, creates vivid and meaningful dreams, or gives relief from nightmares. Research has shown that herbs, flowers, and essential oils can indeed have a positive effect on our ability to relax, and even on our very dreams.
In many cultures, little pillows filled with relaxing herbs were tucked-in along with children at bedtime to calm and comfort them during the night. Of course, for safety reasons, these pillows should be very small, and kept away from a baby’s face. The herbs used here are subtler than in a potpourri. If traditions hold true, these little sleep pillows will promote a deeper, more restful sleep, and keep bad dreams at bay.
Instructions for Herbal Sweet-Dreams Pillow:
A quick and easy way to make pretty dream pillows is to buy 100% cotton, pocket-style baby wash cloths. If you wish, decorate with water-proof paint or marker, or embroider them with a monogram, add a felt patch, or whatever suits your fancy. Fill them with dried herbs, and sew the edge closed.
Herbs for Dream Pillows
Anise: Use against nightmares – in small quantities.
Calendula: For restful sleep.
Catnip: Restful sleep. Perfect for babies and children.
Cedar: Shields bad dreams.
Chamomile: Relaxing and sweet dreams.
Hops: Deep sleep and healing.
Lavender: To de-stress, relax and rejuvenate. Lavender is good in an herbal blend or on its own.
Lemon Balm: Well known to  banish anxiety and insomnia, as well as headaches and stress.
Mugwort: Energy-field protection.
Mullein: Guards against nightmares.
Rose petals: For loving, peaceful dreams.
Rosemary: Protection against bad dreams; use just a bit, as it has a strong aroma.


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