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Spring Harvest

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Spring Harvest

I like to keep a small paper bag with me in case I see a good, full batch of abundant herbs or edible plants. This photo is from a patch of Coltsfoot flowers, that happened to grow adjacent to a small field full of Violets. We tasted a few Violets, and brought a small sample home for my husband to try – they are considered to be Nature’s Vitamin Pill – and you can imagine how important this would be in earlier times, when people had to survive the winter primarily on preserved food. This sweet little flower is packed with just the vitamins they’d need. Coltsfoot, on the other hand, was traditionally used for sore throats. They’d let it soak in water overnight, and that water was made into a lukewarm – not boiled! – infusion the next morning – to be taken in small doses throughout the day.


Author: It's a Wild Thing

Nature-crazy forager sharing a love of wild medicinal & edible plants & a passion for all wild things. Events & classes on sustainable foraging, bringing the wild into your life & nature therapy: itsawildthing.com

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