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Wild in the City – Food and Medicine From Nature

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Wild in the City is an intensive series of four, full-day wildcrafting workshops with two aims: one, to help increase the number of, and care for, long-term food-producing plants in and around Amsterdam; and two, teaching the art of wild-crafting for food and medicine, with a special emphasis on ethical harvesting and supporting ecosystems. Here are some photos from Day 1 of Wild in the City!

Participants will learn to identify, use, and protect the many edible and medicinal plants – many of them considered to be ‘weeds’ — in the Amsterdam area. They’ll be part of a growing movement to respect food sources, and to expand them responsibly: nut trees, hedgerows, and grapevines, for example.

Wild in the City will be offered as full-day classes, on 4 Sundays, for a total of 24 hours: March 17, April 7 and 28, and June 23, 2013.

Some participants will maintain a blog site while in the program to share their experiences and challenges, as well as all the exciting wildcrafting information they’ll be learning, and how they’ll be utilizing it.

Groen en Doen, a project of the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation, has Wild in the City possible and have essentially funded 12 participants for the Program! All funded spaces are, but if you like what we are doing, and want to join us, please contact me. There are a few, non-funded spaces available at a fee of 125 euros per each 6-hour Sunday.


Yarrow and Red Cover for healing herbal infusions, teas and tinctures.


Author: It's a Wild Thing

Nature-crazy forager sharing a love of wild medicinal & edible plants & a passion for all wild things. Events & classes on sustainable foraging, bringing the wild into your life & nature therapy: itsawildthing.com

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